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About Me

2023 BFA graduate at Shenkar College, Multidisciplinary Art School. Born in central Israel, year 1999. English and Hebrew native speaker, as of now studying Japanese, level N4.  Active artist located in Tel Aviv.

🪱Artist statement?🪱


Hellozees fella humans, let's say this is an age of massive social media usage and supposedly times  where nothing matters because everything matters. Swimming in bullshit when no one can know what the actual truth is. Communication in our world is divided into truth, false and bullshit content. Bullshit is sending an unclear and vague message that will be easily misinterpreted. The concept of bullshit is massively present online, therefore, it is an invadable part of our daily lives. Understanding this current situation, I realized I am here to have fun. 


Influenced by meme culture, mass consumerism, fake news, popular culture, geeks, and trolls, I create as a form of reflection. Seeing the grave loss of meaning while enjoying it is the shit right now.


During these past two years, I cooperated with dem trulls and started surfing online and buying crap from Ali Express for a living. My creative process started with drawing and sketching memes and funny stuff I found online. Along the way, I understood my point a bit better and decided to expand it by making some of my shit uselessly interactive. By combining viewer interaction with my works I wish to recreate the sensations of stimulation of senses, enjoyment, self loathing and overwhelmingness.


I can say that in my 7 hours of non sleep nor screen time, I make stuff quite physically. In my BFA degree I discovered printmaking and it's awesome. To me the process is kinda mindful, and the working process revolving around it obligates me to be more precise. Regardless of printmaking, being expressive using physical materials is a mental release, and that just affects the visuals of my works, whether I like it or not (I like it, shh).


As of now, everything is quite ambivalent, I enjoy the lack of meaning, bullshit, consuming massive amounts of 1 dollar store goods; and Like half of the living human beings I spend a hefty amount of time online.


Am I certain of what my stand is? Fuck no, I’m just here to reflect my ambivalence while enjoying myself.

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